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朱弁回朝之送別 選段:  
梁寶華 馮桂森
頭架: 黃嘉恆師傅   掌板: 嚴定國師傅
這是此曲的末段,包括 口古/滾花/快點/煞板 . 

Excerpt from “Zhu Bian Returning to Song Dynasty”  : 
hau-goo (a speech with couple phrases), 
gwan-faa (a recitative-like singing passage), 
faai-dim (an aria type with rapid pace and specific rhythmic pattern), 
and saat-baan (final singing phrase to conclude the piece). 
Apart from these musical requirements, the Cantonese operatic singer is expected to express the emotions of a permanent departure between the role and his lover.  My goal is to get this sentiment across to the audience effectively through a persuasive singing.

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