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President-elect of ISME, 2020-2022

“Through education, make music accessible to all”


An ISME member since 1996, I have served the Society in different capacities including currently as Chair of Asia-Pacific Symposium for Music Education Research (APSMER). Locally in Hong Kong, I am Head of the Department of Cultural and Creative Arts and Director of Research Centre for Transmission of Cantonese Opera at the Education University of Hong Kong.

My extensive experience in research, management and administration provides the necessary background for me to meet the challenges as ISME presidency may bring.  My wide network with educators in China and countries of Asia would ensure ISME’s further development in the region and beyond.


My visions for presidency are:

  1. To foster research partnership between veteran and emerging scholars to ensure high quality academic exchanges;

  2. To introduce and expand appropriate commercial sponsorship portfolios to promote and reinforce the importance of music education in developing regions;

  3. To review current practices of ISME for future betterment; and

  4. To expand ISME’s access to developing regions worldwide so as to promote mutual understanding among different cultures.


In light of globalization of education and the advantages of Hong Kong’s geo-position, my rich experience in music education and ISME, my seasoned management skills and my international network would bring new insights to the Society.

“Through ISME, help music access to all ”

Personal Statements

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